Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The art of reasoning...

Generally speaking as parents I think most of us are not in any hurry to see our children grow up.  As much as we grow excited at the thought of the next stage of their development, we want to enjoy it and cherish them. However there are exceptions to this. 

I look forward to, relish the day that Emily will be fully potty trained and capable of using the 'grown up girls' toilet. No more nappies, cream, wipes, cotton more stinky, horrible, gag inducing dirty nappies. No more screaming fits when she has nappy rash and understandably doesn't want you anywhere near her bottom.

Dressing herself. Trying to get a toddler, to stand still long enough to allow you to put their socks on, do up the tie on their trousers, close the poppers on their all-in-one suit etc...Well in fact just getting Emily's nappy on is a struggle (another reason to look forward to nappy free days). She will not stand still, she absolutely refuses and trying to reason with a child, well we all know that's just stupid really isn't it. Because in reality if you could you would explain to your child,

'Now darling mummy needs you to stand still for a few minutes whilst I get you dressed and then you can go and play because I know that's what you'd much rather be doing'.

In fact given the option your children would probably spend most of their time running around naked or almost naked. The job of dressing is a real inconvenience to them, because it's just such a delight for us parents! If you could reason, you would explain that it would take a third of the time it actually does if they just STOOD STILL. Instead you wrestle with them morning, noon and night, fighting for superiority. What have we been reduced to?!

Finally I look forward to the days when I will re-gain ownership of...well everything make up, my food, the TV, my sleep, my life. No wait, you mean I am a Mother FOREVER!! Oh...but it does get better, right and when that's? When they leave home and then they only need you half the time. Right, silly me!

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