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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Easy like a 'rainy' Sunday afternoon...

I have recently realised that I have a really low boredom threshold, especially when stuck in the house, on a rainy Sunday, with a toddler whose threshold is considerable lower than mine and a man quite content to waste a few hours playing his guitar and watching 'Chelsea v Arsenal'! Wow a lazy Sunday afternoon! I think I remember those (wistfully she reminisces).

Even my regular text buddy, who shall remain nameless, has deserted me. Probably off enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon of their own. 

I find it so frustrating, the complete lack of imagination in my house, and this is by no means a dig at Gavin. I am myself completely void of original ideas for fun days out, when it's a) literally pouring water from the sky, you know the kind of rain where it's like someone turned a tap on b) you have limited funds available to you and c) you have chosen small town living over the big city lifestyle.

You see I have no problem being lazy when the mood takes me, I can lounge around with the best of them but generally speaking I am the kind of person that likes to be doing something, anything constructive with my day. This is also because I feel guilty when I look at Emily, I feel like I am not forefilling my mothering role to provide her with a stimulating environment. 

Although maybe I am worrying too much, it would seem that she has managed to amuse herself serving us imaginary tea from her pink tea set. Shame we all have to share the same cup, but 'hey ho'. So that's Gavin sorted and it's just me then?! Maybe I am just really out of practice when it comes to relaxing? I have spent so long rushing around, looking after everyone, trying to keep on top of everything that now I can take the time back, relax a little but I just cannot seem to pull it off. 

So maybe I'll try. I can sit the football...bask in the lethargy of a Sunday afternoon. Right? (pause)

No it's no good...I can't do it...Oh well time to re-organise my wardrobe I think the charity shop is due a delivery.


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