Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The potty and the pee!

It's funny what motherhood will make you proud of...

When my daughter was about 14 months old I bought a potty. I thought if it was there she could get used to it, get inquisitive about it. At first she wasn't remotely interested, then she would cry whenever I sat her on it. She then progressed to walking around with it on her head, this behaviour was discouraged immediately as I had visions of months down the line, leaving her to do her business and coming back to find her spinning around and around the room, potty on head, covered in poo! 

However just recently she has taken to sitting on it, with or without her nappy on and when asked where we go for wee's and poo's she will run off to retrieve the potty and bring it to me. Having read up some information though I had decided to leave off any form of potty training until after Christmas, maybe even wait until after her second birthday in April. 

So imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered that my daughter had done her first potty wee! Yes that is right, she sat down on the potty, on her own and went for a wee. I was in the process of dressing her for the day and had left her in the lounge with my sister, Emily was naked and the potty was in it's usual spot, the middle of the lounge. I had casually mentioned as I left the room that if Emily needed a 'wee wee' then she must use the potty like a big girl. And that's precisely what she did much to my amazement and delight! 

Now there is no saying that she had any idea what she was doing, it was probably just a happy coincidence that she happened to be on her potty when the call of nature came but I like to think that we have taken a teeny, tiny step towards those nappy free days I have been dreaming of! Oh happy days!

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